A Magical Day of Activism

Today was simply a magical day.  Our local No Dakota Access Pipeline Indy group came together on the grounds of the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, in the middle of downtown Indianapolis, for our second demonstration to support the water protectors of Standing Rock, to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.  (First demonstration here)

What blew me away was how many people I’ve been connected with in so many different ways over the past 4 or 5 years all showed up.  I’ve been writing about (1) activism and (2) getting out in the public square, and that totally happened today.


Joshua Taflinger(center with hat) and Brandi Herron (megaphone) are the primary organizers, from the White Pine White Wilderness Academy.


Matt Shull, founder of White Pine Wilderness Academy.


My ALWAYS present activist buddies from our years as Action Leaders of the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, Jim Poyser of Earth Charter Indiana and (left) and Ted Wolner who teaches at Ball State University.  I’m on the right.


John Gibson (Sustainable Indiana) and Judy Voss were also involved with Keystone (here with Jim Poyser).


Briana Dines (with Brandi Herron) has just returned from Canada, where she was involved with Indigenous people.  She had been involved in Keystone here prior to that.  She told of her experience of visiting the Standing Rock camp recently.


Wayne Moss (white hat) and Amanda Shepherd (center) also worked with Keystone.

I was really happy to see so many Quakers from North Meadow Circle of Friends, where I attend.


Fred White, who attended Scattergood Friends School, Gilbert Kuhn, and David and Dinah Duvall.

Not there today, but other North Meadow Friends attending the first demonstration are Shannon Effler and Kevin Angell.


On the right is my friend Jeff Howell who is involved with social justice issues, such as living wage, and a bicyclist and photographer.


Katie and Annie Glass walked from their apartment in my neighborhood.  Katie told me she and Derek just purchased an electric car, which they charge at Derek’s work from a renewable energy electrical source!  Derek developed the Sustainability Indiana website that aggregates the blogs of organizations and people who work on sustainability issues in Indiana.

I was introduced to Derek by our local AFSC staff person, Erin Polley.  Our first project was the creation of a video to tell people what the Keystone Pledge of Resistance was all about.

What is really exciting is that Derek held an online brainstorming session earlier this year for ideas to expand the Sustainability Indiana website for greater community activism and engagement tools.  I was glad I got to be part of that.  He recently implemented some of those ideas.  One of the main ones is a mind map that contains Circles based upon subject area.  Then projects and events are linked to the mind map.  This allows others to look for the subject they are interested in, and find which groups are working on that subject.  For example, I’ve been adding these #NODAPL events there.  Today Joshua was telling me that as he has gotten involved with organizing these #NODAPL events, he realized these various groups and people are not connected to each other.  I then shared Derek’s new tool with him, and we plan to start using it to increase the interconnections of our activist community in Indiana.  WOW!!


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