Indiana Under Pence

I avoid engaging in personalities, but Governor Pence misrepresented how things are in Indiana in the Vice Presidential debate last night.

The title reflects my experience, since I feel oppressed by many of the things the Pence administration has done here.  Pence is an example of the success of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right wing conservative organization that has targeted state legislatures throughout the United States, successfully creating supermajorities of Republicans, as we have in Indiana, and Republican Governors, which allows them to create laws promoting their agenda.  One of the first things they did was redraw the legislative districts making it nearly impossible for Democrats to get elected in many of them, although Democrats have been guilty of this, too.

Perhaps the most glaring example of this was the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which legalized discrimination against the LGBT community.

His refusal to allow a clean needle exchange program resulted in an AIDS epidemic in some parts of Indiana.

For a long time he refused Medicare expansion in Indiana, even though the Federal government would pay for it.

He has systematically defunded public education by aggressively promoting vouchers and charter schools.

It is offensive to hear him talk about the $2 billion dollar surplus, which does exist, because that money should have been used to help fund education, infrastructure and other programs.  Our highways are in such disrepair that a bridge collapsed on Interstate 65, closing 50 miles of the highway.

The latest example was his illegal refusal to accept Syrian refuges in Indiana, which was declared illegal by a Federal Court, and just recently by a Federal Appeals Court.  Most concerning is that in the debate last night he continued to insist that he was right, and implied that would be the policy of the Trump administration should they ever get elected.  That is in line with Trumps messages, that he would not respect the legal process.  That is one of the most concerning things about the Trump/Pence team.  This is even more concerning because Trump obviously does not understand how government works, so it would fall on Pence to do the actual administration.



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