NODAPL Indy Ceremony

Thanks so much to everyone who came to downtown Indianapolis this morning to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Tribe as they try to protect our water from the Dakota Access Pipeline.  We felt the prayers many of you sent our way.  This is one of those days I’ll remember forever.

The rain held off, and folks streamed in from everywhere!  Kevin and Shannon from North Meadow Friends, my Keystone Pledge of Resistance group, Jim, Wayne, Ted and Amanda, and Jeff from Indiana Moral Mondays, Aghilah from KI,  and my new friends from White Pine Wilderness Academy, Joshua and Brandi.

Many Native Americans were there with drums, prayers and chants.

We actually got some news coverage!

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was very friendly and helpful, blocking traffic for us as we marched from Monument Circle, to the State Capitol building, and the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, which distributed water to us.

All the photos and videos are available here:   Feel free to use any to help spread the word.   Photo credit to Jeff Kisling is nice, but not required.




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6 Responses to NODAPL Indy Ceremony

  1. Burton Kisling says:

    You certainly had a great participation! Did you expect so many people and groups? Good that the Indianapolis police were so nice.

    • jakisling says:

      Yes we had a great turnout. You never know ahead of time. Recently connecting to the folks at the White Pine Wilderness Academy and their connections with Native Americans probably helped more than anything. This issue is finally getting some media attention. A coordinated national day of action is now being organized.

  2. Arturo says:

    I likw to come to the next ceremony
    How can i foynd out about

  3. these ceremony are very spiritual and have sacred ground such as the sundance arbor.

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