Water Protectors Attacked

“On September 3, the Dakota Access pipeline company attacked Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray as they protested against the $3.8 billion pipeline’s construction.”  Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

It is very fortunate the Democracy Now crew was at the site of the above attack against the water protectors Saturday, especially after the Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier tried to place the blame on the protestors.  The Democracy Now video clearly shows the peaceful protestors being attacked.

“We protected our water and we did a good job at doing it,” said a young Native American on horseback at the end of the video.

I submitted the following letter to the editor of the Indianapolis newspaper, IndyStar.  Please consider writing a letter yourself and spread the news other ways, to try to help protect the water protectors.

Water protectors attacked
Thousands of Native Americans and others have gathered in North Dakota at the place where the proposed Dakota Access pipeline would cross the Missouri River.  Similar to Keystone, this pipeline would carry thick, tar sands oil.  Pipeline spills are not widely reported, but occur with alarming frequency.  A leak from this pipeline into the Missouri River would be a catastrophe, polluting this main waterway through the Midwest, and the farm fields along the route.
Permission to build the pipeline across the river has not been granted by the Army Corp of Engineers.
Over the weekend private security guards attacked the unarmed men, women and children with pepper spray and attack dogs, biting several.  Fortunately Amy Goodman and a Democracy Now film crew got the attack on film, proving the statement about violent protestors to be false.  The violence came from the security personnel.
Please help support the people trying to protect our waters.  #NoDAPL

Katrina Coravos asked that this be shared:

To my friends and family: we are all safe here.
Two of our friends were in the attack yesterday, and did get sprayed. But we are all ok.
I am in awe of the tenacity of the people here.
They will not back down.
We have been traveling to the waters every day with the women to offer prayers to the river.
There is a call to action for women from around the world to pray with us at a water source at 10:00 am Central Time. Together, in unity, our prayers can ripple out and be heard.
Yesterday we went to the river with over 60 women, from many nations and many traditions. We offered prayers to the waters as the life givers. We asked for forgiveness, we asked for a better way. We asked that the waters be held as sacred and we gave songs from our hearts.
When we arrived back at camp, and gathered around the sacred fire. More women followed in the procession up from the waters. We came in with a force of love. We came in with a solution: to honor life as sacred, to love one another, to give back for all that we take, to respect one another, to unify our voices in song and unify our hearts as one. Together, our prayers are healing the waters.
Amidst the turning of violence yesterday, we recognize that we must pray more- we must pray for peace, for truth, for love to prevail. We are behind the warriors here as they stand strong against the machines. WE are behind them with love, prayer, and calling in the ancestors that walk with us to help and guide us.
Make no mistake: the construction company unleashed the dogs on the people. This was an act of violence- both on the people and on the dogs.
So today, we were part of a water ceremony with water drums. We prayed to spirit. We prayed for the women, for the men, and for the unification of the people. We prayed for the construction company to wake up and recognize that this is their water too.
We are coming together. WE must remain in peace and love. No matter what.
Please continue to pray for us here, and for the warriors on the front lines that they do the right things when faced with violence.
Our prayers and our love is our greatest force. May we open inside of ourselves to shine out stronger and stronger…

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