Why Stopping the Pipeline is So Important

I am so grateful to those who are standing up against the Dakota Access (DAPL)/Bakken Pipeline.  I am also very disappointed that more people are not.

I understand there are so many things to be concerned about these days.  And that people have limited time and energy.  But it is important to identify what is most significant.


Maslow’s Hierarchy or triangle is instructive.  Everything rests on meeting basic needs–food, water and shelter.  If we don’t have clean water, we die.  As the Native Americans say, “Water is Sacred”.

The mainstream media is the tool of the corporations that own it.  The suppression of the news from the Sacred Stone camp and the amazing gathering of indigenous and non indigenous peoples, and about the pipeline resistance is very intentional.

The suppression of the news of frequent pipeline ruptures and oil train explosions is very intentional.  It is nearly 100% guaranteed that a pipeline under the Missouri River will leak.  Even if the chances were unrealistically, slightly lower, would it be worth the risk?

Similar reasoning of importance, related to overwhelming the atmosphere with carbon dioxide (CO2) was why some of us put so much time and effort into the Keystone Pipeline resistance.  There again, surprising few people engaged in that effort.  The Keystone Resistance was a success because of the sustained efforts of indigenous people in Canada and the United States, the 4,000 activists of the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, and the courage of President Obama in taking on the fossil fuel industry and its supporters in Congress.  A handful of people made that happen, but it was a close call.

This is truly a struggle for the future of our environment, and for future generations. This should be our highest priority at the moment.  Please don’t stay on the sidelines.



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