Water is Life

It was wonderful to meet so many water defenders at the White Pine Wilderness Academy last night.  Four of us Keystone Pledge of Resistance veterans were present.  The focus is on supporting those at Standing Rock, and raising awareness in Indiana.

NDAPL Indy 2

Raising awareness is critical because of the blackout, thus far, by mainstream media.  That is why tomorrow’s nonviolent civil disobedience training and action at Pilot Mound, near Boone, Iowa, is so important.   Those of us not able to be at Standing Rock need to raise our voices because we know the pipeline construction will destroy tribal sites, farmland, and pollute the water and soil along its route.  The crossing under the Missouri River is a potentially catastrophic threat, with the potential to poison the entire river, and the farmland along it.

Far too often in the past people have not stood up to the fossil fuel industry.  Far too often people have continued to choose the convenience of personal automobiles, air conditioning, etc, knowing the environmental costs.  This is a “watershed” moment.  If we the people don’t step up to stop this madness now, the damage will be unimaginable.  Future generations will wonder why we let this happen.  It is time for each of us to take responsibility.  Please, for your own sake and the sake of the earth, do something.



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