Don Laughlin and Spiritually Alive

As far as I know, Don Laughlin came up with the term spiritually alive.

I had written about an exchange I had with Tom Korbee, of the musical group Korbee, related to the lyrics of their new song, “We Are”.  The opening line is “Spend our days trying to find the piece that makes us whole”.

I’d asked Tom (via Facebook–I didn’t know him then) if he had intended both or either meanings of “peace or piece”.  Tom’s response was, “Both work for sure and in a way they are the same, ya know?  That ‘piece’ may be peace.”

Don’s comment (June 28, 2016) was “Thanks Jeff, I like your comments and ‘leadings.’  You seem to make contact with spiritually alive people.”

I shared that with Tom, and he liked it.

Then I wrote to Don  “I was intrigued by your comment about Tom Korbee being spiritually alive (which I shared with him).  I don’t think I’ve heard that term before.  Did you ‘create’ it?”

Don’s response:  “I haven’t heard that term either so I guess I did ‘create’ it.   But I look around and see so many people so involved in the ‘world’,  with little concern for the spiritual values of love and beauty (which I define as part of God) that I think it must be true,  Your photographs often depict this spirit of beauty.

This project (collection of conscientious objector stories)  has gotten bigger than I could ever have imagined.  I have about 17 stories  now with more to come in. They range in length from a half page to 6 to 8 pages.   The stories are really fascinating to read.  I am amazed at how often young men wrestle with the difference between right and wrong—is it right to register for the draft or is that cooperating with evil.  Is prison a waste of time? It certainly was not for Bob Michener—he found his future professional life in prison.”



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