Tensions and Black Lives Matter

I recently urged people to do things like put Black Lives Matter signs in their yards and windows.  And told some related stories that had a positive ending.

But now, especially in the light of Donald Trump falsely accusing Black Lives Matter (BLM) of being partially responsible for somehow contributing to the recent threats and attacks against police, it seems only responsible to warn that there may be negative reactions against BLM supporters and their signs, etc.  Some churches and people have had their signs stolen.

I’m not saying you should not display signs and support, but the risks seem to have changed, and may get even worse, so be aware and alert.


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  1. Kathleen Hall says:

    Thanks, Jeff. We were discussing signs at the Meeting House, since anti-war signs have been removed before.

    Kathleen Hall

    “There is no solution; seek it lovingly” Dag Hammarskjold

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