What does Black Lives Matter mean?

I have the impression that perhaps people who don’t live in larger cities or aren’t involved in communities of people of color may not understand Black Lives Matter.  This video provides a good explanation.

Black Lives Matter is a nonviolent movement that seeks to correct issues related to racial injustice.

From the founding of the United States black people were not considered equal to white people.  The three-fifths compromise in the U.S. Constitution was that slaves would be counted as three-fifths of a person for representation and taxation purposes.

We are all familiar with the history of the discrimination against black people, and the privileges of white people, ever since.  Much as we like to think progress has been made statistics related to most economic and social indicators continue to prove glaring racial inequalities.

In many ways our society continues in reality to make black lives not matter as much as white lives.  Black Lives Matter says that needs to change, so that black lives matter as much as all other lives.  Black Lives Matter does NOT say other lives don’t matter, or that black lives should matter more.

Black Lives Matter does not advocate violence, but instead is a nonviolent movement.

Black Lives Matter is not anti-police, but instead against unfair and what are often unconstitutional police practices.

Black Lives Matter is against New Jim Crow laws, for-profit prisons, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

It is really not helpful to say “all lives matter” because the implication is that black people should not be complaining.

The cartoon below  might also be helpful.





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