Support for Black Lives Matter

A large, diverse crowd gathered at the State Capitol building in downtown Indianapolis last evening.  The protest was organized by several organizations, including the local Black Lives Matter group, Indy10.


People were sad, discouraged, angry, tired and impatient.  I have always been impressed with the great patience the people of color I have come to know, exhibited in the face of their ongoing oppression in this country.  It appears that patience is reaching its limits.

“We’re the youth of Indianapolis that are upset, that are angry, that are tired of seeing our brothers and sisters killed by police,” said Nigel Long.

There were several powerful prayers.  Then calls of “no justice, no peace”, and, if change doesn’t happen, “shut it down”.

I was glad to see a number of friends from the activist community.  But there continues to be an alarming silence on the part of the media, and white population.  Why aren’t white people speaking out?  I urge all of us, no matter our skin color, to do so.  Change has to happen now.  Each day is literally a matter of life and death for innocent people of color in the United States today.



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