Progressives lose

One of many things that I fear about a Trump Presidency is that he is all in with being all in with all forms of fossil fuel development, and only believes in global warming when it is related to his business interests (sea wall for golf course in Scotland).  Resources are only a business opportunity as he sees it.

I was hoping the Clinton campaign would embrace at least some of Bernie’s/our progressive agenda, but that totally did not happen.  I was willing to give Clinton a chance if it had.

Beyond my own feelings, I know of a number of young people who became engaged with Bernie’s campaign and the political process for the first time who are now even more convinced that the political process is hopelessly corrupted, and they now want nothing to do with it, and I for one can’t disagree.

My view is the Democratic political establishment is totally out of touch with the anger of the public, and now that the progressives have been shown to the door, I would not be surprised if Trump actually wins.

I plan to support the Green Party.  Those Democrats who say a vote for someone other than Clinton is a vote for Trump have it all wrong.  Their candidate and their rejection of a progressive platform caused this problem and will be responsible if Trump wins.

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