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As many of you know I decided to refuse to have a personal automobile about 40 years ago.  But in all that time it has been extremely frustrating that our society has not worked very hard to make it possible for us to live without personal automobiles.

The consequences of that, the worst being the waste of nonrenewable fossil fuels and vast quantities of greenhouse gases polluting our air, water and disrupting our climate, are becoming increasingly evident.  And the wars over fossil fuel supplies in the past, present and, unless we find a way to change the course, future.

Some good news includes the trend of the younger generation away from purchasing their own cars.

And here in Indianapolis, the Julia Carson Transit Center will open June 26.  Julia Carson was a U. S. Representative from Indiana, and was the grandmother of our current Representative, Andre Carson, who happens to be a Muslim.  The Transit Center will be the hub of our city bus system, IndyGo, which will make using the bus system much more attractive in many ways, such as improved routes and schedules, real time bus location, etc.


And in Florida, the Brightline Train system, the first privately funded train system in the United States, is to begin operation next year.  The 125 mph train system will connect West Palm Beach to Miami.  Since our government can’t seem to make this happen, maybe this is the way of the future of mass transportation.


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  1. Scott D. Lutocka says:

    As we continue to evaluate the need for improved public transportation and light rail systems, we must evaluate those communities which have recently implemented similar projects. I was recently in Austin, Texas attending the annual U.S. Zero Waste Business Council’s Zero Waste Conference and had an opportunity to hear the pros and cons of their new light commuter rail system. Unfortunately, the planners didn’t plan so well as there are apparently a number of negatives associated with their light rail system. For starters, if you live outside of Austin and wish to drive to an outlying station, there are no parking lots for auto commuters. If you wish to ride your bicycle to a light rail train station, there is a strict limit of up to 4 bikes allowed inside the train with no external bicycle mounts available either. And if you prefer to ride your bike to a station, there are no bike racks to park your bicycles while riding the light rail train. Let’s hope that our city and public (or private) do a much better job in their planning efforts. If not, they’ll alienate those who they seek to use such ride-sharing programs.

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