Indy Mass Transit Win

Last night the Indianapolis City Council finally approved a referendum to be placed on the ballot in November for approval of the proposed improvements in the IndyGo city bus system, and development of a bus rapid transit (BRT) system, called the Red Line.  The plan is known as Indy Connect, which is detailed at this website would be funded by a 0.25% income tax increase and funds from the Federal government.

Some of the improvements would be shorter wait times, all lines would run seven days a week with expanded hours (5 am – 1 am weekdays), improved payment systems, and real time bus location information available to riders.

“It’s also a growth issue; employers and younger workers are moving to more walkable areas served by transit,” Indy Chamber President Michael Huber said in a statement after the vote.

As someone who has depended on the Indianapolis city bus system for 40 years, these are extremely welcome developments, and I hope the referendum passes.  Your vote would be greatly appreciated!


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