Hot, Dry Summer Forecast 2016

Yesterday I wrote about the massive fire at Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  A hot(temperatures 30 degrees above normal last week), dry winter and spring created conditions that caused the fire to spread so far, so quickly.

A number of times recently I listened in disbelief as weather and news reporters enthusiastically talked about how nice it was to have much warmer than normal days when it is usually cold.

I’ve been concerned about how this trend will evolve as we approach summer.  Unfortunately, AccuWeather is predicting the trend for higher temperatures and dryer than normal conditions will worsen:   2016 US summer forecast: More 90-degree days than normal to scorch East; West to battle drought, fires

One thing you might do is join me in signing the Pledge to Mobilize:

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for a World War II response mobilization to address our environmental emergency.



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