A little over a year ago I began writing on this blog.   That was mainly in response to complaints that I was sending too much email, and I was.

Around this same time I was introduced (via email) to Derek Glass, whose business is Glass Web Projects. At that time he was looking for some projects related to the environment and activism, so we collaborated on creating the Keystone Pledge of Resistance video.

Derek was just beginning to develop Sustainability Scout, which is a website to aggregate the blog posts from organizations and individuals in Indiana who are working on sustainability issues. I think this is a great idea–one place where people can go to find out what’s going on locally related to environmental work.

One interesting side effect of this was that Derek asked me for an icon to be displayed for identification of my blog posts. After some hesitation, I decided to use the ‘Quaker man’ symbol.   Although much of what I write is about the environment, it is from a Quaker perspective. And many other blog posts I write really aren’t about the environment. But they all tend to be about social justice issues, and relate to sustainability in a roundabout way. What this made me realize is that here is an opportunity to write about things from a Quaker perspective that can be shared with the general public. As you can see on the Sustainability Scout website, there are quite a few pictures of the Quaker man.


Yesterday he added a feature that displays all of a given organization or person’s blog posts. I was surprised that I had 221 so far. So there are plenty of stories for you to read, if you are interested:




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