Mind Maps

Mind maps are a visual tool to help organize how you think about a subject.  The are like an outline, but also show the relationships or connections between parts of the subject.  A number of (many free) mind mapping software applications are available.

Below are two mind maps.  The one on race I worked on a couple of years ago, around the time of Ferguson and Black Lives Matter.

The one about ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) I began yesterday, since this is a new focus of my social concerns and activism.  I’ll probably be writing quite a bit about ALEC in the coming days, partly because ALEC is holding a national convention in Indianapolis this summer.  As you may know, ALEC lawyers create corporation friendly legislation that conservative legislators introduce in state legislatures all across the United States, and is why all of these repressive laws are being passed.  Much more about this in the coming days.


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2 Responses to Mind Maps

  1. lizopp says:

    Yes, yes! Mind maps have been such an important tool for me over the years. And I appreciate the depth and breadth of yours here.

    I want to add a couple thoughts, if I may:

    1. What do you think about incorporating an activity for Friends to make their own mind maps during IYMC sessions, maybe during yours and Greg’s Collection?

    2. One of the ways I’ve used mind maps or similar “process sketches” is to help me identify the one or more starting points that I can do right away. It helps me break through my stuckness, fear, etc.

    Thanks as always for writing.

    Blessings, Liz

    • jakisling says:

      Thanks, Liz. I do think it might be useful to try to have Friends create mind maps. Although there probably won’t be time during Greg’s Collection, he is going to have additional times to meet with Friends, and one of those sessions might be good. There would be a smaller group in an afternoon interest group, for example. Thanks for the suggestion.

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