Democrats in trouble

What is the peace movement to make of Donald Trump’s position that the United States should get out of the world police/nation building business, reported in this article in The Nation:   Donald Trump Could Be the Military-Industrial Complex’s Worst Nightmare:   The Republican front-runner is against nation building. Imagine that.

In a Facebook post my friend Alvin Sangsuwangul wonders about the following scenario:

Imagine this:
1. It comes down to Clinton and Trump.
2. Trump spends the next 6 months pivoting to the center, like in the article below.
3. Trump frames Clinton as a part of the establishment (Dems and Reps) that wrecked the economy through trade and war, attracting some of the same angry white voters who have been drawn to Sander’s campaign many of which are independentsCould this be enough for Trump to win?   If Democrats want to be pragmatic, perhaps they need to choose an “outsider” in Sanders to match up against Trump. Thoughts?

My response:  Its really hard for me to admit, but I might have to abstain if it comes to Clinton vs Trump. She is so pro war, and this Nation article is really fascinating. Plus I no longer consider myself a Democrat after the way the party has treated Bernie’s campaign. Trump’s rhetoric of hate is totally unacceptable, but I wonder if something like his approach isn’t the only thing that can disrupt the corrupt business as usual of our government.

All this makes Bernie’s campaign so much more important than ever.  The Democratic party should be aware of a probable big backlash against Clinton by many Bernie supporters, and what that would mean in the general election.

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1 Response to Democrats in trouble

  1. Burton says:

    I was so impressed with the speech Hilary gave in response to the Brussels event. She is so experienced in so many areas that Bernie is not. I will vote for her.

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