Sustainability Scout update

Some new parts of Sustainability Scout are ready.  Sustainability Scout was created by Derek and Katie Glass, Glass Web Projects, to aggregate the blogs of organizations and people involved in sustainable efforts in Indiana.  This has become a digital community building tool, and some new features are available.

Although much of what I was writing about in my own blog last year when I got involved with Sustainability Scout was related to environmental concerns, and often about the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, much of the rest of my writing is usually about issues of social, racial, and economic injustices, and also about putting faith into action.  Derek and Katie have continued to support these writings, too.

Communication has changed significantly, with much less journalism in the mainstream press and mainstream news outlets controlled by corporations.  Social media has become one of the main sources of communication for many people.   We are all learning how to engage with these new tools, both as readers and authors.

One of the new parts of Sustainability Scout is an author’s page.  Mine is here.


The blog details page looks like this.


There is also a new EVENTS page, that aggregates the upcoming events for the organizations that contribute to Sustainability Scout.





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1 Response to Sustainability Scout update

  1. Derek Glass says:

    Thank you for sharing our story, Jeff! We’re proud to be in the story sharing business with you!

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