AFSC Corporate meeting

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is holding a Corporate meeting now in Philadelphia.  David Duvall, from North Meadow Circle of Friends, plans to attend, representing Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting.


Dinah and David Duvall

At least one of the presentations will be about the Quaker Social Change Ministry (QSCM) program that North Meadow Friends have been participating in.  I’ll be very interested to hear what David hears about that at the meeting.

Greg Elliott, the AFSC staff person responsible for QSCM will be participating in a conference call with interested members of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) soon to discuss QSCM and how it might help meetings address immigration issues, and perhaps prepare to become places of sanctuary.

Greg will also be attending Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) annual sessions this summer at Scattergood to talk about QSCM.  Last year I spoke about QSCM at Des Moines Valley Meeting, and at our Peace and Social Concerns meetings at Yearly Meeting.  I also had the opportunity to talk about this with Bear Creek meeting this past fall.

I has been interesting to see how this program has been developed, and is being adopted by the pilot meetings.  The reason I’m so enthusiastic about QSCM is because it simply helps us return to our historic practice of spirit lead social activism.




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