Brainstorming Blitz-the after story

Derek and Katie Glass (Glass Web Projects) hosted a 12 hour brainstorming session on Facebook this week, to solicit ideas for next steps in building the sustainability/activist community here in Indianapolis.

This past year saw the successful development of Sustainability Scout, a website that aggregates the blog postings from (currently 9) blogs related to sustainability and activism in Indiana.

It was fascinating to follow all of the ideas that poured in throughout the day. It was a closed group, so I can’t share the details. But a couple of things happened at the end of the session.

Part of the event was a gift certificate to the local organic grocery. I have been very interested in Glass Web Projects ever since Derek and his intern Andrew created the Keystone Pledge of Resistance video   I’ve also appreciated how Sustainability Scout helps more people see what I write on my little blog site. Because I submitted a lot of ideas that I had been working with lately, I got the prize. But the good part of this story follows.

I have been anxious for Derek and Katie to get to know my friends at KI, and some email messages have been exchanged, but the meeting hasn’t happened, yet. So I suggested the gift card be sent to KI. As you can see here, Katie was on the way to the post office to mail it, when she saw Gilbert, Debbie, Larry and I standing with our peace signs in front of the Federal Building, as we do every Friday afternoon. This was especially funny, because even though Derek and I have been working together for over a year, we had not met face to face until a couple of months ago, when Derek, Katie and their lovely daughter joined us at the peace vigil, so we could finally meet (above).


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