Rise of fear

Alarming as the political rise of Donald Trump is, it is easy to focus on him rather than the reasons for his success.  It really is beside the point to list all of the negative things about him and his campaign, because one of the fundamental traits of his supporters is “I don’t want to know (and I really don’t have any interest in anything you have to say about it)”.   He refuses to provide any information about what his policies might be, which avoids having to defend whatever position he might come up with.

And it clearly demonstrates that his supporters don’t care about policy.  What they do care about is finding someone to address their fears.  Someone who can channel their anger at the state of our economy and politics by finding a scapegoat, and easy solutions.

Our politics and economic policies have failed the vast majority of us.  We are now at a crossroads.  One path would be that of Donald Trump and his supporters.  Find someone who promises to return things the way they were, with a thriving middle class.  The problem is that Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan to achieve that.

The other path is to correct the political and financial corruption that got us here.  That is exactly what Bernie Sanders is attempting to do.

This election is about which path the country chooses.  Which is why it is so important for those who want to avoid the path of Donald Trump to not remain silent, and to actively work on the alternative pathway.  But to do that, we need to address the underlying problems, and not the symbol provided by the Trump campaign.  What we do, or do not do at this moment will determine our future.




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