Hope from New Hampshire

I barely had time to savor Bernie Sander’s New Hampshire victory, when the story appeared about the Supreme Court temporarily blocking the President’s Clean Power Plan until it hears and decides the case.  The liberal justices dissented from the order.

Republicans in Congress continue to attack the Plan and other efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, choosing to side with the fossil fuel industry.

I would like to think the support for Bernie Sanders would tell Republicans that the public doesn’t want dirty fossil fuel, and does want renewable energy, along with all of the jobs that would come with that.  And I hope that those who continue to support fossil fuels will be defeated now that the public is becoming engaged in addressing our deteriorating environment and climate.  And I hope we may soon have a President that will help implement our priorities.

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2 Responses to Hope from New Hampshire

  1. Burton says:

    Will be a constant problem when the courts and Congress refuse to cooperate.

  2. jakisling says:

    I disagree. We are witnessing a political revolution. Whether the country goes to the left or to the right, the status quo is over. When Bernie wins, Congress will know the American people are behind him, and will no longer tolerate the corruption.

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