Rich employ domestic terrorism

Flint, Michigan, is the unfortunate, glaring example of what happens when governments are seen as businesses.  Michigan governor Rick Snyder, an accountant, replaced the democratically elected mayor and city council of Flint with a business manager whose goal was to deal with the city’s financial situation, IRREGARDLESS of how the citizens of Flint were effected.  WHY WERE THEY ALLOWED TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNEMENT?  Who is going to return the government to the people?

A city of 100,000 people have been, and in many cases continue to be literally poisoned by toxic water.  All of this came about after additional tax breaks for the rich in Michigan, which, or course, left no money for public services, not even the $100/day treatment that would have prevented the leakage of the lead into the water.

This is yet another attack of domestic terrorism by the rich against the other 98% of us.

And the governor’s solution?  To “give” the residents of Flint a break on paying their bills for that toxic water.  But not for ALL of the water.  He actually parses out that part of the water bill estimated for non drinking uses, and expects the residents to pay for that.  And there is no consideration for how their lives have been upended, and permanent medical damage done.  Class action lawsuits are in the works to try to correct this.

The same thing happens here in Indiana.  Despite billion dollar surpluses of taxpayer money, the governor refuses to use that money to repair our failing infrastructure.  The latest example being the collapse of an interstate bridge on the main route between Indianapolis and Chicago.  And despite the wishes of the people of Indiana, and Indiana businesses, a handful of conservative white men refuse to pass legislation to protect Hoosiers from discrimination.

And there is the public spectacle of a billionaire who is actually running for the office of President of the United States, embarrassing us with bigoted rants against any number of groups that don’t represent the wealthy.

The results of the Iowa caucus are a hopeful sign that the American people have had enough abuse at the hands of the rich.  Truly, a revolution is what is needed now.  Feeling the Bern.


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  1. Marv Kramer says:

    Jeff, you’re 100% right. In the long run, many of the rich are more dangerous than the common domestic terrorist because they remain untouchable since the society hasn’t seen the NECESSITY of effectively engaging them.

    “Fifty years ago, President Kennedy deplored the far right’s “counsels of fear and suspension.” Today, Obama’s White House is still struggling to make sense of its enemies. In the absence of forthright leadership, on both the right and the left, the job of standing up to extremists appears to have been left to the electorate.” (“Confounding Fathers: The Tea Party’s Cold War roots” by Sean Wilentz, The New Yorker, October 18, 2010, p. 39)

    That problem still exists. Bernie Sanders “fits the bill.” But, at this point in time, he is unlikely to be elected President.

    We might also be aided by a quote from Thucydides: “For we both know that into the discussion of human affairs the question of justice enters only where the presence of NECESSITY is equal, and that the powerful exact what they can, and the weak grant what they must.

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