Environmental Politics

Climate change threatens the very survival of the human race.  You would think that would be the primary issue in the U.S. Presidential campaign.  That the Republican candidates continue to refuse to even acknowledge climate change makes it difficult to understand why anyone would vote for them.  Voting for them means you don’t care about the current terrible conditions of our air, water, and much of our land, and the increasingly extreme threats we face.

Their differences related to climate are one of many the reasons I support Bernie Sanders instead of Hilary Clinton (the primary reason is because his campaign is about the political revolution that we so desperately need).  He has a comprehensive plan to move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, which is our only hope.

“Right now, we have an energy policy that is rigged to boost the profits of big oil companies like Exxon, BP, and Shell at the expense of average Americans. CEO’s are raking in record profits while climate change ravages our planet and our people — all because the wealthiest industry in the history of our planet has bribed politicians into complacency in the face of climate change. Enough is enough. It’s time for a political revolution that takes on the fossil fuel billionaires, accelerates our transition to clean energy, and finally puts people before the profits of polluters.” — Senator Bernie Sanders

Hilary Clinton is not making this a priority,  as seen in this infographic.



Environmental politics also come into play in Indiana and Iowa.  Yesterday a Federal Appeals Court rejected the efforts of a number of governors, include Indiana’s Governor Pence, to block the implementation of the Clean Power Plan.  Our governor continues to support the coal industry over the health of Hoosiers and all of the benefits, including health, more jobs and jobs of the future, and lower costs, of moving to renewable energy.  This is a perfect example of the corruption of politics by money.

And this week fortunately President Obama vetoed legislation related to the Waters of the United States rule which Congress tried to block.

The sponsor of the resolution, Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, said she would continue to look for ways to undermine the rule.  “We all want clean water,” Ernst said in a statement. “This rule is not about clean water. Rather, it is about how much authority the federal government and unelected bureaucrats should have to regulate what is done on private land.”

That is a perfect example of doublespeak.

This kind of thinking is playing out in Flint, Michigan.  “What is inexplicable and inexcusable is once people figured out that there was a problem there and that there was lead in the water, the notion that immediately families weren’t notified, things weren’t shut down,” Obama said in an interview with CBS.

“If I were a parent up there, I would be beside myself that my kid’s health could be at risk,” Obama said after touring a car show in nearby Detroit.

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