Dakota 38

“To be Dakota is to live in peace and harmony with every living thing.”

The book we will be reading for the next monthly community discussion at the Kheprw Institute (KI) is An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States (ReVisioning American History) by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

One event in that history was the Dakota War.  As series of events led to conditions in which the Dakota were facing starvation.  Armed conflict eventually occurred but didn’t last long.  Afterwards, the largest mass execution by the United States, the hanging of 38 of the Dakota warriors at the same time took place in Mankato, Minnesota, on December 26, 1862, on the order of Abraham Lincoln.

To promote healing and reconciliation related to that, the Dakota created a film, “Dakota 38“,  in response to a vision that came to one of them in 2005.  To make the story widely available, the film is distributed free of charge:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pX6FBSUyQI

This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen.  We hear what the riders are thinking as they ride their horses on the 330 mile journey to Mankato through blizzard conditions.  Some of the modern day warriors also ran the last 90 miles.



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  1. eej1320 says:

    Thank you Jeff! If I can’t make it I’ll certainly watch it on my own!


    • jakisling says:

      I hope you can make it. We may or may not talk about “Dakota 38” during the book discussion, but everyone on the book discussion mailing list did receive a link to the video.

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