The Real Choice

It has become clear that the real choice in this year’s Presidential election is NOT between the Republican and the Democratic nominee.  It is clear that the years of corruption of our political system have angered the public to the point that an establishment candidate cannot win.  Finally this is an election with a true choice to make.  The three options are (1) an establishment candidate, (2) Donald Trump as the anti establishment Republican, or (3) Bernie Sanders as the anti establishment Democrat.

Of the three, only Bernie Sanders wants to fix our broken political system.  As I’ve argued before,  “I believe that if you care about correcting racial, economic, environmental and social injustice, Bernie Sanders is the person we need as our next President.  The media and the Democratic political establishment are doing all they can to oppose him.  Many note that the Clinton campaign is now using Karl Roves tactics to attack Bernie.

If he is to succeed, if we are going to have a revolution, he needs us to participate in the grassroots effort.  If you believe in this, now is the time to engage.  We are the only hope there is for making this happen.”


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