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“Quakers, social justice and revolution” is the title of this blog because I believe a revolution is necessary.  A couple of the first posts included Calling for a Nonviolent Revolution and Nonviolence and the Revolution.

Our political system once worked well for white people, with a system of checks and balances between the three branches of government, and those few citizens who chose to do so could feel their legislators would at least hear what they had to say.  There used to be journalists, who researched facts, and wrote fair and accurate articles.  Much of the media was relatively independent of overt corporate influence.  Our political leaders used to engage with the people and wrote legislation to solve problems and protect the common good.  Compromise is essential for that to happen.

Unfortunately that is no longer true.  The trust that is essential for a participatory government no longer exists.  The controlling political party has consistently executed a policy of opposing anything President Obama supports no matter how worthwhile it might be for the American people.


There are only two candidates for President who are rejecting this status quo.  The Republican candidate’s approach is to go further down this road, so all of the power is in the Executive branch, and anyone who disagrees with him will be dealt with.  Just imagine how many wars and conflicts would be spawned by that attitude.  The United States would lose any remaining respect in the international arena.  And that is precisely the attitude terror organizations would love to see.  It would be a national security nightmare.

Bernie Sanders, as he has his entire life, has the courage and integrity to call out these conditions, and calls for a revolution to fix this.  What makes me believe in Bernie Sanders is that his whole life has been a consistent example of integrity and building grassroots political movements.

As Cornel West said, “I endorse Brother Bernie Sanders because he is a long-distance runner with integrity in the struggle for justice for over fifty years. Now is the time for his prophetic voice to be heard across our crisis-ridden country.”

I believe that if you care about correcting racial, economic, environmental and social injustice, Bernie Sanders is the person we need as our next President.  The media and the Democratic political establishment are doing all they can to oppose him.  Many note that the Clinton campaign is now using Karl Roves tactics to attack Bernie.

If he is to succeed, if we are going to have a revolution, he needs us to participate in the grassroots effort.  If you believe in this, now is the time to engage.  We are the only hope there is for making this happen.

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  1. says:

    Well said! We agree and have promised to caucus for Bernie!

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