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For those of us who consider ourselves white (an interesting phrase I first encountered in “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates) and who want to help our society improve how we all treat each other, for those who admire young people leading the way with Black Lives Matter, we struggle with just exactly what we can do.

Here is one possibility.  My friend Diop Adisa is a musical artist, whose album Black Dragon is now available on Spotify, Amazon, ITunes, Google Play, etc.   Here is a chance to support an artist, and learn what he has to say, as well.  My favorite is “YardWork”.

Many of the songs are labeled “explicit”.   Some time ago I wrote about language impeding communication.    Part of that reads:

” To me words are just words, and while personal verbal attacks can be very hurtful, I object to finding fault in the language used to describe injustice.  People use music and other art forms to expose injustice, and that work should be encouraged, not judged, especially from what might be a privileged perspective.  The awful situations these works expose are what is truly objectionable.

If we want to learn about others and their lives, we have to be able to listen to their stories, as they choose to tell them.  Getting past judging the language is just a small first step in learning not to judge, period.  These are some of the first small steps needed, by many of us who think of ourselves as white, in order to begin to become aware of the injustices engrained in our society.”




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