Proof black lives do not matter

I was actually hopeful that police video cameras would help change current police practices.

The tragic killing of 12 year old Tamir Rice was captured on video, and seen the world over.  There is NO WAY to defend rushing in and opening fire within 2 seconds. 

And yet in a textbook example of white supremacy, the criminal justice system was corrupted by blaming the victim and his family, and mistakes in emergency response communications.

Following are posts from the Kheprw Institute (KI) that I have been so honored to work with these past several years:

“This case proves that black lives do not matter, that cops believe they are invincible, and that the criminal justice system is broken.”

“Now it’s ok to kill the blacks if you are a police officer because the system’s got your back. Crime does not have to be going on or taken place. There are laws for hunting birds in the city and they are enforced. So blacks lives are less important than birds.”

“Life is being lost due to a lack of training, lack of fairness, a lack of justice in the system, and the way cases are being handle. People are very legitimately upset and rightly so.”

I think those who don’t live in areas where these specific incidents happen don’t know what to do.  What we need to NOT do is REMAIN SILENT.  We need to be having conversations with our friends and neighbors wherever we live.  BLACK LIVES MATTER signs in our yards might help this, similar to the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s War Is Not The Answer signs have done for the peace movement.  If it seems a little scary to make a public stand, I assure you that is nothing compared to the fear black parents feel anytime their children leave the house.

So it comes down to this.   After seeing that video, does you conscience allow you to do nothing?



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