2,000 Years Later

It has been a long time since Jesus’ life on earth.  I wonder what he would think about the state of the world today.

It sounds as though much is similar.  Privileged classes using unfair practices to accumulate wealth and power, taking advantage of the labor of the rest of us.  Courts and judges enforcing the laws (that protect the wealthy).  Government tax collectors controlling what little wealth the common people accumulate.  Standing armies to subjugate the people, foreign and domestic.

And then there are the countless acts of love and kindness occurring everyday, everywhere.   It is most often among the poor and marginalized that I see people treating each other as Jesus taught.

“The first shall be last, and the last first.” 

“It is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven…”

It is becoming increasingly important that we find better ways to treat each other.  We are facing multiple and increasingly severe threats from a deteriorating environment, increasingly violent weather, terrorism, and economic, social and political upheaval.

The Syrian refugee crisis is an example of what is to come.  Climate change caused years of drought.  Combined with a repressive governmental response, thousands of people fled for their very survival.  While many countries initially welcomed refugees, negative reactions began to occur as more refugees arrived.

This is going to happen again and again.  The drought in the western United States has had similar effects.

In our own country (speaking of the non-Indigenous part), a country that was created by refugees–our ancestors–many of whom were fleeing religious persecution, many loudly opposed accepting any refugees at all.

How is that even possible? 

I think our future will be determined by how we deal with each other.  We can take the isolationist approach, and try to build barriers against the world.  Do what we can to protect what is ours, despite the disproportionate amount of the world’s resources we are using.

Or we can realize we are all in this together, our future bound up in each other and how well we can tear down the barriers, and build up supportive communities.  If we can let go of some of the excess we have so that others with nothing can live, that is what will give us all a chance.





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