Chicago lack of leadership

It would be nice to be able to forget about racial killings on Thanksgiving Day, but as I learn more about my ignorance of the situation in Chicago, I am disturbed about what I wrote yesterday.  I still think the mayor and police chief did an admirable job of appealing for calm in anticipation of the release of the Laquan McDonald killing.  The problem being they wouldn’t be talking about this had it not been for determined work by reporters, leading to a judge demanding that the video be released.  Once again a cover up has been exposed.

Even though I tried not to watch the video of the killing, I did see the opening moments.  And I’ve seen the autopsy drawing.  Beginning to shoot within seconds of arriving at the scene, and then continuing to shoot 16 times can only be the result of uncontrolled rage on the part of the police officer.  He said black lives do not matter.

The appeals for calm are far too late.  The long time history of police abuse in Chicago is well documented.   Where leadership was really needed was to address this long ago.

Our problem is of course that this is the situation with community/police relations all over the United States.  Our culture of guns and violence has led to this.  Our culture of materialism over human rights has led to this.  Now is the time people need to break their silence, which implicitly supports this situation.  Now is the time for those who believe in nonviolence and humanity to be in the streets with those who are peacefully protesting and working to address this.  The status quo is wrong.

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