Morgan Stanley debriefing

Thanks to everyone who supported these actions, and who made calls to Morgan Stanley regarding their financing of fossil fuel development.  My Scattergood classmate, Wendy, helped spread the word via Facebook.

Ted, who I work with in the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, came down from Muncie where he teaches at Ball State.  Gilbert, who attends North Meadow Friends and is an activist, joined Ted and I at the Chase Tower downtown this afternoon at 3 pm.

Joseph Kelley, the manager, came out to talk with us.  He said he had received an email to let him know we might be visiting today.  He listened very politely, and said he would get the message to the appropriate people.

Thanks to the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), and in particular Peter Dakota Molof, for organizing and supporting this effort.


Ted in the Morgan Stanley office


Jeff attempts a selfie


Ted speaks with branch manager Joseph Kelley


Gilbert and Ted with the petitions at Morgan Stanley office

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