Morgan Stanley Action

I am continuing to work with the Rainforest Action Network (RAN).  Now that Keystone has been rejected, we are working on businesses that finance fossil fuel development.  While many have stopped such practices, Morgan Stanley continues to finance fossil fuel development internationally, and are the main business behind mountain top removal for coal mining here.  There is more information, and a petition you can sign, here.


This Thursday, 11/19/2015, will be a national day of action against Morgan Stanley.  People will call in from all over the country, and actions are occurring in several U.S. cities, including Indianapolis.  Over 10,000 signatures of the petition have been gathered and will be emailed to Morgan Stanley on Thursday.

Here in Indianapolis we will gather outside the Morgan Stanley offices downtown at 111 Monument Circle at 3:00 PM.  We will be handing out the following phone numbers, encouraging people on the street to call the Morgan Stanley offices to express their thoughts about mountain top removal, etc.

Please join us.  If you can’t, please call the Morgan Stanley offices on Thursday:

Joseph Kelley, manager, 317 263-8700

Sandy Wilcox, 317 263-8720

Joseph Matis, 317 263-0820

Dino Efthimiou, 317 263-0827

MS Picture Poster 3MS Stop Coal Poster 18×24


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