University of Missouri protests

This articles explains some of the story behind the current protests at the University of Missouri:

University of Missouri Student Council president verbally assaulted

Now the University’s football team, including the coaching staff, is boycotting athletic activities until the University President is replaced.

Missouri Student Association President Payton Head (right) with students Phillip Nguyen, Vincent Su  - (Payton Head Facebook)

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  1. lizopp says:

    Hi Jeff–

    I’ve been following these events too, on Twitter. The piece you’ve linked to doesn’t mention that one Black student, Jonathan Butler, is on the 8th day of a hunger strike; that a number of starters and second string players on the competitive football team refuse to play; that there is a longer history of inaction and silence from the University’s president.

    Given that this is a Missouri team, I have to wonder if there is backlash from white folks who are angered by the state’s and country’s response to Ferguson and Black Lives Matter.

    Online searches for #ConcernedStudent1950 or #MizzouHungerStrike might turn up more detailed information. …Is there an IYMC meeting that I/we can reach out to, to ask what Friends there are aware of and any action or witness they might be considering?

    Blessings, Liz

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