Schools Have Become Prisons

So, About That #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh… Fixing A Broken School System

How is it possible that grown men come into our schools and assault children?

The young person in this video gives a brilliant analysis of the fundamental problems with our educational system today.  She clearly  shows that the school to prison pipeline has been shortened to the point that the school has become the prison.  The school system is broken.  She says: just like slaves were captured to work for free, now the police come into the schools to scoop up black youth and take them off to prison to work for free.  It is undeniable that black youth are the ones who are targeted.  How did our schools become part of systemic racism?

She talks a lot about the development psychology of teenagers, and how educators should know this, and see these behaviors for what they are, instead of provocations for violence.

She also talks a lot about de-escalation, and how teachers and police officers have that as their responsibility, instead of provoking and escalating situations.  And how fundamentally, the only thing that works is caring about the students, and dealing with their real issues instead of seeing behavior as requiring punishment.

She gives specific suggestions, such as peer mediation.  And looking closely at the roles of teachers and the police regarding discipline.

Finally, she suggests now may be the time to take children out of that broken system.

How is it possible that grown men can come into our schools and assault children?  And where is the outrage?  Are people so overwhelmed by the continuous onslaught of all this that they just feel helpless?  Or is this yet another example of systemic racism, with lack of concern because black youth are targeted?

Is it time to pull kids out of the schools for their own good and even safety?  As Imhotep Adisa, Director of the Kheprw Institute says, education should never have been taken out of the community.


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