Canadian elections

I haven’t seen anyone make this comparison, but I can only hope that Canada’s election results might possibly be an indication of where the US might be moving.  It is clear the Harper government was very unpopular, and that its policies related to tar sands, and the repression of First Nations and other’s protests against the environmental damage played a large role.

According to the BBC, the Liberal Party’s election platform included:

  • Cutting income taxes for middle-class Canadians while increasing them for the wealthy
  • Running deficits for three years to pay for infrastructure spending
  • Doing more to address environmental concerns over the controversial Keystone oil pipeline
  • Taking more Syrian refugees; pulling out of bombing raids against Islamic State while bolstering training for Iraqi forces
  • Legalizing marijuana
Indiana Moral Mondays march October 2014

Indiana Moral Mondays march October 2014

Peaceful protest

Peaceful protest

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