Climate Tipping Points

This new article    Welcome to a new planet    clearly explains some of the climate tipping points that evidence shows we are rapidly approaching.  The problem is that all of the mechanisms our environment has used to try to respond to its degradation have been maxed out.  For example, the ocean has absorbed much of the carbon dioxide we have been spewing into the atmosphere, and much of the extra heat resulting from that added CO2.  But now the ocean is overwhelmed, and these changes are killing the coral reefs, where 25 percent of the marine life live.  850 million people rely on this for their food security.

And unfortunately, this is just one of several tipping points.  And unfortunately, each of these changes is increasing the rate at which they are occurring, which means we are RAPIDLY running out of time to save ourselves.

Welcome to a new planet


Stop Keystone Pipeline

Stop Keystone Pipeline


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