Renewable energy for economic development

Indiana Senate Democrats are asking Indiana citizens what issues to address in the upcoming legislative session.  Citizens write a proposal, then anyone can vote for or against it.  The Democrats say they will introduce legislation to address the top three issues.

Getting solar energy into economically depressed neighborhoods will not only reduce electric bills, but will result in free electricity once the hardware is paid for.   Money savings and access to power will stimulate economic development.

Getting solar energy for economically depressed communities is one of the issues the environmental action committee of Indiana Moral Mondays is supporting. Solar power is a moral issue

The following idea was submitted on the Indiana Democrats website:

Renewable energy for economically depressed communities

Providing incentives to bring renewable energy to economically depressed communities will significantly improve the quality of life and stimulate economic development

Please vote for it at: Vote for renewable energy    If we get enough votes, this should be legislation we can work for in the upcoming session.

Bernie Sanders has introduced Federal legislation to promote solar energy.

There is a lot more information about low-income solar here:   Low income solar

And this manual about Community Shared Solar from the Department of Energy: Community Shared Solar

DSC00164  Renewable wind energy

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