Why the Iran Deal Succeeded

The New York Times (10/22/2015 Issue) used the title  How They Failed to Block the Iran Deal that this quote comes from:
“While Durbin and Nancy Pelosi were tracking the votes in their respective chambers, the president took a larger part and also played rougher in this fight than had been his custom. He accused Republicans of “making common cause” with Iran’s hard-liners. He stated that the alternatives were the deal or war.  Even some of his allies thought he’d gone a bit overboard with these statements, potentially alienating some undecided Democrats, and he pulled back from them. Obama responded to the requests by Pelosi and Durbin to make calls to wavering Democrats, more calls than he’d made on any previous legislation. He held special briefings in the White House for members of Congress; he participated in a conference call with the outside groups on his side.”

That was the call I wrote about at the time:  Obama briefs activists

As a direct result of that call, with the help of MoveOn we organized the delivery of over 10,000 signatures of Hoosiers who support the Iran Deal to Senator Joe Donnelly’s office.  He had announced his support of the deal after the event was organized, so we used it as a thank you, instead.  Similar petitions were delivered all over the country.
Iran petition delivery to Senator Donnelly

The article also mentions the work of the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

The following Minute was approved this past (2015) summer:   Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) supports the peaceable agreement among world powers, including the United States and Iran, to dramatically curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for easing international sanctions against Iran.  We hope this will be the beginning of many more peaceful negotiations.

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