Thoughts on a First Day (Sunday) morning

Since Randy (Porter) died over three years ago I find myself asking God “what would you have me do today?” when I arise on the weekends.  (Weekday mornings are focused on work at Riley Hospital for Children).  This has made me more sensitive to listening for the Inner Light.   But also makes me feel less organized, which I once thought was a bad thing.

This morning I awoke still wondering how it is possible for us to have “food deserts”, and how the closing of the food store chain Double 8 in inner city neighborhoods recently is affecting my friends at KI.  I’ll know more later, since I plan to attend the discussion about this there at KI this afternoon.  How have we allowed conditions to deteriorate to this point?  Run down neighborhoods, no work on basic infrastructure, no local employment, poor schools, minimal public transportation, poor air quality, social and cultural stagnation, no hope.

I received the following image via Instagram from Lucy Duncan.  Accompaniment is one of the main parts of the new Small Group Social Change Ministry program that we are beginning to implement at North Meadow Circle of Friends.  Lucy and Greg Elliott from AFSC are the main people involved.  I discussed this program in Iowa last week, first during a presentation to Des Moines Valley Friends meeting 7/19, then during Peace and Social Concerns committee meetings at Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) during that week in Iowa.



These all blend together, because KI is at least one community North Meadow plans to accompany as part of our Small Group Social Change Ministry.

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