Faith and stained glass flowers

Your comment about how we’re hoping on some level certain problems go away does have some merit—I think it’s a pretty human response, if not a good one.  Our response is to try to find ways to put our faith into action.  That’s why I’m so interested in the AFSC small group social change ministry program, whose purpose is just that.  One goal is to try to get those who don’t usually engage in social justice activities to become engaged, because having their spiritual insights is important, and makes social actions more impactful.

Also, it can look like you are ignoring things when in fact your faith is that you trust God will help provide an answer.  Sunday my Godson had a bad personal experience, which resulted in he and his daughter temporarily moving into my small apartment.  I did all I could, but much was beyond my control.  I was getting pretty stressed until I reminded myself to trust in my faith.   Yesterday all was resolved.

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