Robert F Kennedy

A Friend of mine, Tony Hinrichs, shared the following story from his days of working with Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign in Indiana.

“The analogy was when I first met Bobby and he was telling us what he expected and what we could expect, in a closed door meeting his first words were… ‘You know… other candidates call me ruthless… I want you to understand before we work together… Ruthless is my Best Quality.’  He then explained that if we wanted the war over, it would take being ruthless to get it done, the same type of action he had taken on both the Mafia and Civil Rights while Attorney.  He went on to explain that it was that attribute that Ethel had married him for and that was what he wanted was this type of commitment from us because of the long road ahead.

My contact with the organization and Frank Mankiewicz throughout the years after that bore out his commitment to those of us in the room.  Indiana was his first primary and in addition to the national candidates, the governor was also running to detract from his votes.”

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