Toward a totalitarian society

Recent news describes new and extensive military style surveillance and techniques to deal with (attack) protestors.  Maybe the unrest around police brutality could give us a way to head some of this off. The program to supply police departments with military surplus is a specific target we could focus on. We are fast moving toward a totalitarian society and now is the critical time to try to wake people up. How can we stand for laws that censor people, that forbid making certain laws, that persecute nonviolent crimes with years in prison, etc, etc?


“Beyond that, the right to demonstrate was, to me, something that must never, NEVER be compromised. The right to challenge authority, to raise questions, point up issues, draw attention to needs, demand change, is at the basis of a truly responsive, representative democracy. People simply must never give up their right to protest. They must never cash in their right to dissent. They must never, never deal that liberty away.”

John Lewis,

Walking with the Wind

Page 284

Peaceful protest

Peaceful protest

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