Speaking against Indiana’s Religious Freedom act

Asking for civil rights protections for Indiana's LGBT community

Community members rally for equal rights. (WISH Photo)

This rally, sponsored by Indiana Moral Mondays, was held on the lawn of the Indiana State Capitol building 4/6/2015 as crowds flowed through the streets of downtown Indianapolis on their way to the final game of the NCAA Final Four.  If you look closely you’ll see me on the far left. Prior to this I indicated I was a little apprehensive about public speaking, and received so many supportive messages from F/friends, thank you very much!

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Community activists rallied on Monday as part of the Indiana Moral Monday’s movement.
Religious leaders, members of the LGBT community, women’s right advocates and others spoke about equal justice for all.
With the NCAA Final Four being Indianapolis leaders hoped to make a strong statement that Indiana will fight against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
A spokesperson said although the amendment helps protect some, it doesn’t touch other issues in RFRA like, what they call, the threat to women’s rights.
Indiana Moral Mondays says they promote a society where each person is valued and seek to embrace the moral values found in the secular and spiritual communities.

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