Indiana Moral Mondays nonviolent civil disobedience training

Today marked the beginning of another step forward in our social justice efforts.  This was our first nonviolent civil disobedience training class here in Indianapolis for Indiana Moral Mondays.  About 15 people showed up, most of whom were in leadership positions of various sorts in the Indiana Moral Mondays (IMM) movement.  Also helping me were other Keystone leaders, Ted, Wayne, and John.  I was a little more nervous than usual, although our Keystone Pledge of Resistance group here has held six such training sessions.  There were a number of considerations when I converted the Keystone Training manual into one for IMM.  I do enjoy teaching these sessions, and having the Keystone experience, and my experienced Keystone friends, is very helpful.  In addition, three members of my local meeting also attended.

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