Life without a car savings

The following statistics are related to not using a car for the year 2014. This ONLY reflects the commute to and from Riley Hospital.  Many of you know I came to the decision to refuse to own a personal vehicle about 40 years ago.

Report Period:  1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014
Savings Report For Jeff Kisling
Estimated cost savings during this timeframe are $208.77 *
Mode Trips Vehicle Miles Saved
Carpool 2 2.85 mi
Vanpool 0 0.00 mi
Transit 4 27.04 mi
Bike 88 165.56 mi
Walk 204 368.80 mi
Telework (Home) 0 0.00 mi
Drive Alone 0 0.00 mi
Total vehicle travel savings: 564.25 mi.
Pollution Reduction
Reduction in Carbon Monoxide: 25.7997 lb
Reduction in oxides of nitrogen: 2.7865 lb
Reduction in organic compounds: 2.0899 lb
Reduction in Particulates (PM10): 0.0435 lb
Reduction in Particulates (PM25): 0.1008 lb
Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Reduction in carbon dioxide (and other gasses): 437.8580 lb
Total Pollution Savings: 468.6783 lb.

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