FWCC Strategic Plan

FWCC Strategic Plan 2015-2020 

These parts of the Quaker vision are very interesting and point to new ways of moving forward.

• Focus on the vital work that needs to be done to build connections among Friends from different branches. “If FWCC did not exist, it would need to be invented”
• Embrace the possibility that the tools and channels of connection now available may result in a very different presence and approach to our work
• Be prepared to take risks, strike out in a new direction and invite Friends to join us as we venture into new territory
• Recognize that some of the larger constituencies we currently serve may not embrace the change that is needed, and new or emerging constituencies may need to be cultivated and strengthened
• Be a catalyst in forging collaborations and networking among Friends’ groups and organizations
• Focus on telling stories of ministry and lives transformed by the Light, and on strengthening relationships among Friends at the local level in new and enlivening ways


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