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Poor Peoples Campaign in Iowa and Minnesota-Economic Injustice

Week 5 of the Poor Peoples Campaign focused on economic injustice. The unbelievable maldistribution of wealth. Millions of people who live in poverty despite working full time. Children going to bed hungry. The mischaracterization that people are poor because they … Continue reading

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Social and Economic Justice

I’ve mentioned the Quaker practice of routinely considering questions related to our spiritual and social lives and practices.  Praying about and discussing these questions, or queries, together is a way for us to share what we believe, and sometimes find … Continue reading

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Economic Concentration Camp

The more I think about our broken economic system, the more sinister my thoughts become.  How have we come to accept millions of people living in extreme poverty, living without adequate food, water, shelter, healthcare, safety or hope?  How have … Continue reading

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Economic Failure

At the root of our problems today is the failure of our economic system.  The last century saw us convert from primarily a rural society to an urban, industrial one.  We changed from living in small communities where we raised our own … Continue reading

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Renewable energy for economic development

Indiana Senate Democrats are asking Indiana citizens what issues to address in the upcoming legislative session.  Citizens write a proposal, then anyone can vote for or against it.  The Democrats say they will introduce legislation to address the top three … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on economic privilege

Pope Francis beautifully expresses the political ideal: “If politics must truly be at the service of the human person, it follows that it cannot be a slave to the economy and finance. Politics is, instead, an expression of our compelling … Continue reading

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Economic privilege 2

There is a fundamental tension between spirituality and materialism.  Materialism is about accumulating wealth, focusing on the individual, as opposed to sharing with and helping others, and community building that is central to spiritual life. The Bible talks about how … Continue reading

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Economic Privilege

There are several reasons why I’m revisiting the idea of giving up personal automobiles now.  Mainly because I’ve been thinking a lot about privilege and inequality for a long time.  Cars represent environmental privilege. The massive concentration of wealth in … Continue reading

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An Epistle to Friends Regarding Community, Mutual Aid and LANDBACK

Yesterday I wrote at length why I’ve been led to leave Quakers for the time being. This morning I’m feeling a bit like “what have I done?” And what does that mean? Buried so deep in that lengthy article that … Continue reading

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Spiritual discernment to leave Quakers

ABSTRACT For months I’ve been in significant spiritual distress. I’ve been learning a great deal from my Native friends, and working with them on Mutual Aid projects. And they tell me the way white people can best support them is … Continue reading

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