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Poor Peoples Campaign in Iowa and Minnesota-Economic Injustice

Week 5 of the Poor Peoples Campaign focused on economic injustice. The unbelievable maldistribution of wealth. Millions of people who live in poverty despite working full time. Children going to bed hungry. The mischaracterization that people are poor because they … Continue reading

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Social and Economic Justice

I’ve mentioned the Quaker practice of routinely considering questions related to our spiritual and social lives and practices.  Praying about and discussing these questions, or queries, together is a way for us to share what we believe, and sometimes find … Continue reading

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Economic Concentration Camp

The more I think about our broken economic system, the more sinister my thoughts become.  How have we come to accept millions of people living in extreme poverty, living without adequate food, water, shelter, healthcare, safety or hope?  How have … Continue reading

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Economic Failure

At the root of our problems today is the failure of our economic system.  The last century saw us convert from primarily a rural society to an urban, industrial one.  We changed from living in small communities where we raised our own … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Jobs

I have written a lot about economic injustice in our society. At this point we basically have virtual economic concentration camps, where many who would like to work cannot find jobs. Many of the jobs that are available pay poverty … Continue reading

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“A system that was built by stolen bodies on stolen land for the benefit of a few is a system that is not repairable”

So many things that used to work no longer do. I think most White people are hoping their pre-COVID-19 ways of living will return if and when the pandemic is brought under some level of control. A growing number of … Continue reading

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Strike for Black Lives

As expected there was little reporting in the mainstream media about the Strike for Black Lives that occurred in cities across the country yesterday. Thus it is hard to know how many people were involved or news about reactions to … Continue reading

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Moral Injury

I recently came across a discussion of moral injury, and immediately recognized how that applied to a number of situations in my life, past and present. Much of what is written about moral injury relates to war. Unsurprisingly as combatants … Continue reading

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Believe in my prayers

This has been a week of uprising against failed political and economic systems. Against systemic racism. For years I have been led to spend time learning from black and native people who have become my dear friends. My spiritual life … Continue reading

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We Must “Think Again”

When people reflect on what it takes to be mentally fit , the first idea that comes to mind is usually intelligence . The smarter you are , the more complex the problems you can solve — and the faster … Continue reading

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