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Climate Refugees

It is difficult to see and to consider the consequences of the devastation from this summer’s hurricanes.  Now it appears a mass exodus from Puerto Rico is beginning, with many indicating they may not return. What is really discouraging is … Continue reading

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Climate struggles continue

Once again Greta Thunberg delivered an eloquent and impassioned address, this time at the United Nations during the Climate Action Summit. Millions of young people around the world participated in the first day of the Global Climate Strike last Friday. … Continue reading

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Special Envoy of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees

Many know Angelina Jolie as an Academy Award winning actor. She is the mother of 6 adopted children. But her work in recent years is as the Special Envoy of he U.N. Commissioner for Refugees. She has published a number … Continue reading

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Global Climate Strikes

News of today’s climate strikes are beginning to come in from around the globe. Iowa Climate Strike will occur at the Iowa State Capitol tomorrow (3/15/2019) from 2-4 pm. This event is hosted by Iowa Climate Strike. A massive … Continue reading

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Climate Migrants

I’ve been writing a lot about the millions of people who will be forced to move from their homes because of any one of a number of the effects of climate change. That includes fires, floods, destruction from high winds, … Continue reading

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New posts on LANDBACK Friends

I’ve been writing new blog posts on LANDBACK Friends ( because those are the issues I’m learning and writing about now. Here is a list of the posts from July to present on LANDBACK Friends: July 1 Replanning Human Life – LANDBACK … Continue reading

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Ghastly Future

Even though I’ve been led by a concern for our environment since my teenage years, which has taken many forms, I have often found what we are facing to be nearly overwhelming. Despite seeing the perilous path we are on, … Continue reading

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Building Resilient Communities: A Moral Responsibility

Recently I wrote about the arrest of Nick Tilsen during peaceful demonstration related to the president’s event at Mount Rushmore on July 4th. (Native News Online about that protest). This is personal because two of my friends were there. They … Continue reading

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The future, now

We need a vision to navigate the changes that are being forced upon us by rapidly evolving environmental, economic and political chaos and a global pandemic. I’ve gone back through the many blog posts I’ve written about change and my … Continue reading

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Peace and Social Concerns

We are living in a time of great upheaval, related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive demonstrations demanding the eradication of systemic racism. And more generally to restore our social contract to serve everyone, to change an economic and … Continue reading

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