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Moral Injury

I recently came across a discussion of moral injury, and immediately recognized how that applied to a number of situations in my life, past and present. Much of what is written about moral injury relates to war. Unsurprisingly as combatants … Continue reading

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Soul Repair

I’ve recently been writing about the concept of moral injury and how I immediately recognized that as a way to express many spiritual struggles in my life. (see below). Specifically, moral injury is a perspective for understanding the damages done … Continue reading

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Moral Injury 2

I became interested in the concept of moral injury, especially when I learned of the inclusion of spiritual aspects of trauma and how that might be treated or repaired. When I learned moral injury was described as “souls in anguish” … Continue reading

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Naming Historical Moral Injuries Committed in Quaker Colonizing

In response to today’s blog post, Moral Injury, Tom Kunesh sent the following response that I found very helpful. I am just getting to know Tom through our work on the Decolonizing Quakers steering committee. Decolonizing Quakers Jeff –  thanks … Continue reading

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Decolonizing, Soul Repair and Mutual Aid

One of the concepts Vanesse Julye spoke about during Quaker meetings last weekend was that in order for healing among groups to occur, there needs to be acknowledgement of the common history among those involved in the trauma. Between those … Continue reading

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Moral injury, soul repair and Quaker Indian residential schools

I’ve just learned of the concepts of moral injury and soul repair. The vast majority of the literature is related to soldiers and war. Unsurprising as there is a profound disconnect between religion’s commandment not to kill, and soldiers experiencing … Continue reading

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Divided by Pipelines

A Pipeline Runs Through It. Part one of an ongoing series by Indian Country Today Divided by pipelines. Demand for jobs clash with traditional teachings, split families and friends along the Line 3 pipeline route. Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country … Continue reading

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